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All the universes and beings within them are made up of structures of light and energy. Nothing is created without structure and the same goes for human beings. The highest dimensions of pure consciousness do not have structure but are made of pure consciousness impulsed to create. All the dimensions of light are created by the structuring of this light. The lowest dimensions are ones of fertile chaos; all forces required to form the material dimensions are within these lowest dimensions but there is no structure at all. The forces are in complete chaos, ready to be formed by the structures created by the Forces of Consciousness. All physical structure begins as an idea or impulse within the higher dimensions of consciousness which is then imposed upon the forces of material in the lowest dimensions to create form.

The physical world is clearly made up of structure. Our bodies are formed by the idea found in our own DNA. The entire structure is present long before the body has been formed. The same goes for the metaphysical and multi-dimensional aspects of the human being. The light body, the astral body, the etheric, the chitta and the chakras are just a few of the structures that make us up. As physics is the study of physical structures and the laws of physical forces, metaphysics is the study of non-physical, multi-dimensional structures and the laws and forces that hold them together.

What we are concerned with here are some of the metaphysical structures found in the human being which are vital for our spiritual transformation. A brief understanding of these structures will help you enormously with your work on Inner Alchemy.

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