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Other Phenomena

The consequences of alchemy and the resultant metaphysical exploration are that nearly everything can be looked at from a wider perspective and explained from a metaphysical basis. This is an important part of each personís awakening as you can begin to answer questions for yourself and to see many phenomena that were previously hidden. As you gain inter-dimensional vision, connections with your higher selves and begin to communicate with multi-dimensional beings you will be able to look to these sources to find answers for almost any question you can come up with. You will not need to read what the spiritual seers of old have said or follow the rules in religious books. You will have your own spiritual guidance, connections and multi-dimensional advisers. The reason for this website is to give you the practices needed to achieve this yourself in the shortest amount of time and with the greatest of ease possible.

There are numerous phenomena that could be explained here but there is no point in giving too much information. Also there are many other authors giving out much information which is very helpful. It is certainly a good idea to read a wide variety of authors and to keep an open mind. Remember that authors may use different words to describe things and their opinions may differ so keep an open mind and follow your own intuition. Ultimately it is you that must find the truth. It is not what you read that will transform you but what you experience for yourself.

Following are a few phenomena that are largely misunderstood.



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